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New Hire Service Available...

  • Wolfhound Vehicle Hire

    Wolfhound vehicles can now be hired out to the film industry. We have worked on Series 2-6 of Game of Thrones, where Wolfhound vehicles and drivers were used to move film equipment over challenging terrain to reach filming locations. We moved equipment across rivers, over wet fields, up steep woodlands, through dense forest and up mountain sides. Our 4x4 quads and utility vehicles and experienced drivers proved invaluable to get stuff where it needed to go! Contact us for our reasonable rates.

  • Snow Clearing Service

    Wolfhound now offer a snow clearing/salting service during the winter at competitive rates.



Wolfhound Vehicles are based in mid-Tyrone, where our vehicles can be tested off-road to fully understand their 'go anywhere' capabilities, using the selectable four wheel drive system; or alternatively, our sales manager would be only too happy to bring A Wolfhound to you for a test drive.
Just call us to arrange - 07851 356487