Wolfhound Videos

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Wolfhound quad and water scraper

Here is a demo of the Wolfhound quad and water scraper.

Spraying Attachment

Spraying with the Wolfhound

Wolfhound UTV Goes Swimming!

Here is an example of how the Wolfhound UTV can handle in water.

Loading Sand

Loading sand into the Wolfhound UTV

Fly Spraying

Fly Spraying at a landfill site in the Wolfhound UTV

Wolfhound Towing

This is an example of the Wolfhound's towing capabilites. Here we see the vehicle in action in a soaking field.

Wolfhound Winching

Wolfhound getting winched out of mud hole

Muddin' on Farm

Some footage of the fun you can have in a Wolfhound just muddin' on the farm!

Hill Climbing

A Wolfhound climbs the steepest hill in Co. Tyrone!

Moving Equipment on Shoot

Moving Equipment at Game of Thrones Shoot

Wolfhound Quad & Trailer

Wolfhound Quad & Trailer in action

Wolfhound UTV towing Trailer

Wolfhound UTV towing Trailer & posts

Wolfhound Quad with Snowplough

Wolfhound Quad with optional Snowplough attachment fitted, giving a brief demonstration.

Wolfhound Buggy in Action!

The Wolfhound Buggy

Wolfhound Quad with Plough Attachment

Wolfhound Quad with optional plough attachment fitted, cleaning chicken house!

Wolfhound Buggy Off-Roading

A Wolfhound Buggy Off-Roading

Wolfhound Quad Spraying

Wolfhound Quad with Spraying attachment fitted giving a demonstration

Wolfhound in Deep Snow

Here is an example of how the Wolfhound UTV can handle in deep snow.