HDK Electric Vehicles are now fitted with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries (cobalt free) rather than lead acid batteries.

Lithium batteries are more efficient in taking and holding a charge compared to lead acid and are 60% lighter thus less weight has to be moved around.

There are no gases emitted during the charging of lithium batteries unlike lead acid i.e. hydrogen.

HDK electric vehicles fitted with lithium batteries can travel further on a full charge than when fitted with lead acid

As lithium batteries can last about x3 times longer than lead acid less waste is produced.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Vs Lead Acid Batteries

Li-Gen Lead Batteries
Guarantee 3 Times Longer 6 Years 2 Years
Weight 50% Lighter Heavy weight
Charging Times Can charge up to 4 Times Faster Slow charging
Environmental Benefits Less Hazardous Waste Li-ion Battery Life is at least 3 Times Longer than Lead Batteries, therefore creating less waste and saving on installation costs You will use at least 3 times more Lead Batteries
Efficiency Li-ion will deliver 95% capacity, Lead will only deliver up to 85% Less efficiency
Maintenance Li-ion Batteries are Maintenance Free Not Maintenance Free
Run Time Li-ion Gives Up to 40% more run Time Compared to equivalent capacity Lead Batteries Less Run Time
Safety No Hazardous Hydrogen Gas Generated during Charging Hazardous Hydrogen Gas Generated during Charging
Space Saving Up to 40% less space for Same Capacity Taking More space
Cost Benefit over time 50 % Cheaper in Many Applications over the Battery Lifetime More Expensive over the Battery Lifetime
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